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Inform our Sales Department for Terms and Conditions.

Private Labeling

We also provide the private labelling service. Customizing products with your own logo and design. Contact our Sales department for advanced orders on zaamwholesales@gmail.com

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Zaam Wholesale Distribution sell products to businesses and does not deliver to end consumers.

Collective Buying

Inform our Sales Department for Terms and Conditions and to place an advance order on zaamwholesales@gmail.com

Our products are always changing for the better and are the eye catcher for businesses. The products are always up to date with the technology and style to make the smoking experience more exciting! Also, for those businesses who are in need of new products and want to satisfy their audience.

Our quality to price ratio is high, we believe that high quality product prices don't need to be sky high and you can buy high quality products for the lowest price from us. Our service of customising products and our launches separates us from the big field of competitors.

Whether you are a wholesaler looking to increase revenues or a retailer looking to get hold of the latest products, Zaam Wholesale provides these at the reasonable prices.

Zaam was already recognized on the market for the launches of their own brands like: Customized Water Pipes and Grinders, Artistique and King Star which are just some examples of the successful history.

2016 ZAAM WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTION LTD, is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 9869527.